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*Name changed from Muldrew to Robers

School Psychology & Applied Behavior Analysis

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I am a 6th year doctoral candidate enrolled in the school psychology program at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. In fall 2021, I completed my master's in special education specializing in applied behavior analysis. I am cultivating expertise in delivering behavioral health services to school-aged youth who engage in intense challenging behavior. My research focuses on investigating the role of classroom behavior management strategies to improve equitable discipline outcomes in schools. 

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."

- Alexander den Heijer

Philosophy & Approach

Learn about what it means to be a radical behaviorist and the importance of understanding the systems that impact student, family, community, and

societal functioning.


Learn about the various practicum placements offered through the University of Minnesota. Plus, a unique training opportunity at the

UW Autism Center.

Research Training

Learn about research questions and projects that focus on minimizing gaps in education including the opportunity gap, the discipline gap, and the research to practice gap. 


Learn about the education and training of someone working towards becoming a licensed psychologist and board certified behavior analyst who works with school-aged youth.

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