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*Name changed from Muldrew to Robers

School Psychology & Applied Behavior Analysis

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Philosophy & Approach


Radical Behaviorism 

I refrain from using mentalistic terms to explain the function of behavior. I fundamentally approach the science of behavior as an inclusive endeavor that includes private events. 

"The ideal of behaviorism is to eliminate coercion: to apply controls by changing the environment in such a way as to reinforce the kind of behavior that benefits everyone."


- B. F. Skinner

Ecological Systems

I recognize the multitude of systems that interact to foster or hinder resilience of an individual at any given time. Related to this theoretical orientation is a fundamental understanding of nonsummativity, circular causality, equifinality, and multifinality.

"There is no more critical indicator of the future of a society than the character, competence, and integrity of its youth."


- Urie Bronfenbrenner



I am a Black descendant of enslaved ancestors from the United States. My pronouns are she/her/hers and I am a monolingual native English speaker pursuing multiple degrees in higher education. These aspects of my identity inform my perspective and interactions in this society. I am aware of how my identities influence the opportunities I pursue, the research questions I ask, and the people I trust.

"Intersectionality has given many advocates a way to frame their circumstances and to fight for their visibility and inclusion."


- Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw


Participatory Action Research


My introduction to research came in the form of an Action Research seminar. The lessons learned in that course stayed with me as I am an applied researcher dedicated to working with my participants when developing research questions and conducting a research study. ​

"There’s no such thing as neutral education. Education either functions as an instrument to bring about conformity or freedom."

- Paulo Freire

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